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Welcome to the CAPIC Copyright Fund Donation page.

Canadian photographers appreciate your willingness to help change Canada's unfair Copyright Act as it relates to commissioned photographic works. Changing the Act requires representation in Ottawa by members of the Canadian Photographers Coalition (CPC) and our government relations specialists. The CPC members who represent you on Parliament Hill donate their time free-of-charge and are reimbursed only for fully-receipted travel expenses.

Donations to the CAPIC Copyright Fund are a legitimate business expense and you will receive an official receipt from CAPIC for your donation. These donations do not qualify as Charitable Donations!

To receive a receipt, please fill out the Shipping Information area on the PayPal page.

If you are not comfortable using this method of payment, please call 1-888-252-2742 (within Canada only) to donate using other methods.

To donate, click on the appropriate DONATE button below.